Industrial Chemical Formulation Trends

TLC Ingredients works with our key supplier partners to stay on top of today’s hottest formulation trends. Please consider us a resource when trying to re-formulate existing products and when developing new formulations. Today’s consumers are looking for more “environmentally-friendly” and sustainable products.

Demand is increasing for more sustainable products:

  • ADM’s Bio-based Propylene Glycol enjoys a more stable cost position, due to its crop-derived raw material source. Their PG production process results in a 61% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), compared to petroleum-based Propylene Glycol.


More consumers are looking for biodegradable ingredients and products made from renewable-derived raw materials:

    • Akzo Nobel has developed Dissolvine ® GL, brand name for GLDA, from natural and sustainable raw materials; it is readily biodegradable with a high solubility over a wide pH range. Dissolvine ® GL is a far more effective chelating agent than phosphates, phosphonates, and traditional chelating compounds EDTA and NTA. Applications of this product include detergents, personal care & cosmetics, hard surface cleaning, and automatic and mechanical dishwashing.
    • TLC Ingredients works closely with Surfactant manufacturers to provide “friendlier” alternatives to petrochemical-derived surfactants, many of which are derived from sustainable Oleochemicals or Fatty Alcohols. Alkyl Polyglucosides and APG’s are also experiencing increased usage in many H I & I applications.
  • TLC Ingredients partners with Ivanhoe Industries to help customers formulate products with their emulsifiers based on vegetable-derived Sorbitol and Glycerine, as well as non-Silicone defoamers derived from vegetable oils.