Sodium Reduction

Sodium Reduction is a very important trend in today’s market:

sodium labelphase-logoJones Hamilton studies show sodium reduction of 8% – 42% when re-formulating with their acidulant. pHASE (Bisulfate of Soda) also enhances the flavor of salt.

G.S. Dunn has conducted studies that show their deactivated ground mustard can be used to replace sodium phosphates or soy protein in meat and poultry products, while also delivering significant cost savings.


Food scientist replace raw salt with IFP PrimeCAP encapsulated salt to achieve dramatic sodium reduction on surface sanded applications. When the encapsulated salt particles are chewed, a “blast of salt” is released.


Hawkins has designed a line of next generation, no-sodium and low-inclusion rate anti-microbials which allow significant sodium reduction, without any negative flavor impact.


Please consider TLC Ingredients as your resource when trying to re-formulate existing products and developing new formulations.

What are your sodium reduction challenges?  We can help!