Clean Label

clean label

Today’s consumers are looking for food products with “cleaner labels:

  • Hawkins e(Lm)inate V product can be labeled as “vinegar” and is effective at low inclusion levels.
  • G.S. Dunn has conducted studies that show their deactivated ground mustard can be used to replace phosphates or soy protein in meat and poultry products, while also delivering significant cost savings.


Customers are looking for food products with “free-from” claims ~ GMO-Free, PHO-Free, etc.

  • TLC Ingredients has solutions for replacing allergen-containing ingredients in your formulas, as well as how to develop healthy, better tasting gluten-free products.
  • Natural and organic products have begun very popular among consumers.
  • Ask us about “natural” sweeteners, acidulants, gums, and more!
  • For a list of TLC’s products that can help you meet your Clean Label formulation goals, click here.
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Demand is increasing for more sustainable food products:

  • ADM’s Bio-based Propylene Glycol enjoys a more stable cost position, due to its crop-derived raw material source. ADM’s PG production process results in a 61% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), compared to petroleum-based PG.


Please consider TLC as your resource when trying to re-formulate existing products and when developing new formulations.