Tommy TurriffTommy Turriff
Mobile: (630) 461-4668
Tommy is the “T in TLC”. His responsibilities include Finance & Admin and he manages many aspects of the Durez product line. Most of his 25+ years in the industry have been spent on sourcing and key supplier relationships.

Peter LorussoPeter Lorusso
VP, Sales & Marketing
Mobile: (630) 461-4672
Peter is the “L in TLC”. He focuses his efforts on key customer and supplier relationships. Throughout¬†the past 40+ years in the chemical industry he has acquired a wealth of industry knowledge.

Dale Hari
Director of Finance and Administration

Dale joined TLC Ingredients in 2019. He manages TLC’s finances and oversees all aspects of accounting and human resources. Dale has many years of accounting experience.

mike photoMike Pierce
Director of Operations
Mobile: (217) 480-6464

Mike came to TLC Ingredients in 2014. His 30+ years of chemical and food ingredients operations management experience, as well as extensive expertise in Environmental, Health, Safety and Security are welcome additions to the TLC Management Team. Mike brings a wealth of knowledge in the areas of Food Safety and Quality Systems.